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Πολιτιστικός Λαογραφικός
Όμιλος Λευκωσίας
Έλια Ιωαννίδου
act studio kamea dance φωτογραφικό αρχείο χορηγοί
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Rea Madella Ioannidou is possesses the exclusive delegation rights in Cyprus of KAMEA DANCE COMPANY.

Kamea was established in Beer-Sheva Israel in 2002 as a professional repertory modern dance company in affiliation with the prestigious Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center . Founded and co-directed by Daniella Schapira, director of the Beer-Sheva Dance Center , and Tamir Ginz, former Bat-Sheva Dance Co. dancer and Bat-Dor Tel-Aviv Co. in-house choreographer, Kamea performs works by Ginz as well as by guest choreographers.

The company's repertoire brings to the stage the diverse work of its choreographers, mainly Israelis, who have created works geared to different age groups. The dance pieces encompass a wide range of dance styles and are performed on a high technical and artistic level by Kamea's dancers. Kamea is home to over a dozen dancers, many graduates of the Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva school.

The company's premiere performance took place in May 2003 with Ginz's premiere piece for Kamea, “Secret Garden”. The work dealing with the inner world of autistic children and parenthood won excellent press reviews. Since then Kamea has become a recognized and regular feature of the dance scene in Israel . The company now holds a wide repertoire for different audiences and has been touring throughout Israel holding many performances and interactive workshops with great success.



Choreography: Tamir Ginz
Music: Carl Orff
Costumes: Daniella Schapira

A ritual of senses, love and erotica gives new and earthly interpretation to Orffs' music. The dance although abstract, interprets the songs in a modern way. 11 dancers celebrate youth, desire and the beauty of physical movement in a vibrant and wild extravaganza. 65 minutes.

"Carmina Burana" was premiered in Cyprus, September 2007, with The Budapest Concert Orchestra and 4 choirs. It was presented in Lithuania , Kaunas and Vilnius , October 2007.

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